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Safety Film Enquiry
    In case it is installed to building’s glass and windows, the highest durability of film and the special
    adhesive to glass help to delay and to deter the exterior impact of violent acts, natural accidents shatter
    your building's windows. So you can protect your life and properties safer and more secure.
    The special adhesive of safety film helps to hold glass in place when it shatters due to impact of outside,
    reducing damage or injury from flying glass, keeping people and properties safer and more secure.
    It can be applied to the place needed the security and safe keeping of materials as below.
    - The building's windows and glass
    - Showcase and display case in museum, gallery and department stores needed safe keeping.
    - Interior window and glass
Type CL50, CL100, CL200, CL300
Application Building’s windows, showcase of museum and gallery, indoor window.
Colors Clear, Green, Brown, Graphite , Clear
Specification 1542mm X 30m, 500m, 1000m