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Hologram Film Automatic Developing & Bleaching machine (홀로그램 자동현상·표백기)

본 기계는 당사에서 세계 최초로 개발한 홀로그램 필름용 자동 현상 표백기로서, 기존의 Hologram film의 현상 및 표백공정을 수작업으로 진행하는데서 발생하는 불량률을 현격히 감소시킴은 물론, 자동기계에서의 해당 공정 수행으로 소요되는 인력 및 시간을 현격히 절감하는 효과가 있다.
이 기계는 편리한 LCD 조작패널, 자동 속도/온도 조절 기능, 자동 액보충 기능, 자동 액순환 기능, 효율적인 액사용 , 자동 절전모드 등 사용자 친화적 모델로 개발되었다.
This Industrial HDB, a newly developed high performance film developer & bleacher, is equipped with digital control system to be controlled by LCD control panel.
This LCD control panel enables the operator to adjust at ease any of developing condition such as speed, temperature, replenishing ratio, etc and to look into operating status of system for self-diagnosis.
All processing components, including the replenishment pumps, the circulation pumps and the dry fans, are easily accessible for service.
Easy Operation
LCD digital control panel is a reliable control system that precisely controls the developing process through drying. High quality processing results are guaranteed.
Temperature Control
Developer temperature is automatically controlled by a developer heater, a thermostat and cooling line. The bleacher is heated when developer passes through the heat exchanger. Drying is automatically controlled by a temperature regulator.
Automatic Chemical Replenishment
The replenishment pumps are activated by the entry of film into the developer and deliver a precise quantity of the respective chemicals, in proportion to the size of the film being processed, to the developer and bleacher tanks.
Chemical Circulation
Two individual pumps maintain the circulation of the developer and bleacher. Efficient circulation maintains a uniform chemical activity and aids temperature stabilization.
Water Conservation
The INDUSTRIAL HDB has a water-saving design that stops water flow through the processor when no film is being processed.
Automatic Standby Control
The built-in control unit decreases wear and power consumption when the developer is in operation for extended periods of time with no film being processed