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Textile application Enquiry

It can be used for textile design in various colors and patterns to realize your creative idea on your textile products.
Also it can be used for both wide area and narrow area together due to the clean and clear-cut release even for precise computerized patterns.

  Various textiles including nylon, acetate rayon, polyester and acrylic fabrics
  Works well for fine, medium and large graphic arts
  Laminating with heat rolls
  Best at 120~140℃ with heat rolls
  - Single color(Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Black, Clear(Transparent)and other colors)
- Multi color
- Rainbow color
- Hologram(Normal Hologram, multi Hologram)
- Matte color(Gold, Silver, Clear, Black, Red, Brown and other colors)
  - 44inch 12mic * 1130mm * 3000m
- 60inch 12mic * 1510mm * 3000m(Single color)
            16mic * 1520mm * 2000m(Multi color)
  12micron Polyester Film