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Design Foil Enquiry
    Hangyo hot stamping foil covers a broad spectrum of applications: plastic construction materials, interior
    decoration materials, furniture, stationery, cosmetics and other daily necessities.
    Like a fashion designer, the company has developed over 1000 designs suitable for different decoration
    requirements while every month there are new designs coming out to meet over changing tastes.
Material Type(제품 type) Pigment(Woodgrain), Matte, Metallic, Matte & MDF, Embossed Matt Pigment.
Thickness(제품 두께) 16mic, 19mic & 25mic
Width(제품폭) 640mm
Length(길이) 120m(standard), 305m, 3050m(jumbo roll with 73mm I.D. core)
Delivery(납기) shipment within 2 weeks from L/C date