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I-R Cut Film Enquiry
  1) Transparency
HSF has higher than 80% visible light transmittance which is well satisfied with regulations of U.S. security standards for road trucking vehicles registered in 1951. According to the standards requested visible light transmittance for automobile windows is above 70%.

2) Heat Shielding
HSF has 81% visible light transmittance and 75% IR ray blockage. When HSF is applied to the windows of automobiles and buildings, the temperature rise of inside space is effectively suppressed and dramatically improved cooling efficiency of air-conditioners.

3) Durability
Metal particles used in HSF improve durability of films as compared to ordinary solar films and retain IR ray blocking property for good without deterioration.

4) UV Screening Effect
HSF also shields 99% of UV ray. Therefore, HSF prevents human skins and furniture from damage and decolorization by sun light.

  HSF JAPAN Other1 Other2
UV radiation reflectance (%) 99.6 99.1 over 90 over 90
Visible radiation transmittance (%) 81.0 80.0 55 35
IR radiation Absorption (%) 75.0 66.0 less 20 70
The easy installment O O X X
IR cut effect O X O
Normal Solor Film from other supplier Semi-Reflective Solor Film,
Metallized type Solor Film from Other supplier
I-R Cut Film from Japan supplier Hangyo I-R Cut Film
  - Public office where many people visit frequently
- General office with many computers
- The building for the improvement of visible effect.
- The place where is exposed from strong sun ray
- The crowded airport, terminal, gym, harbors
- Apartment, Mention and house needed the protection of privacy.
- Museum and gallery where need safe keeping of many works of art.
- For improvement of educational environment of kindergarten and school
- According to special usages, it is available to apply
Type GIC
Application For building, For show window, For vehicle
Specification 1000mm x 50m , 1524mm x 30m