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   Oct. | 본사 강남구 자곡동 이전
  Head Office moved to Jakok-Dong, Gangnam-Gu
May. | ㈜한교홀로그램 설립 (홀로그램사업부 분사)
  Hangyo Hologram Co., Ltd founded (Hologarm business spin-off)
Apr. | 파주 헤이리 소재 "한교 홀로그램 박물관" 개관
  Opened "Hangyo Hologram Museum" at Heyri Artvillage in Paju-city
Apr. | 미래부 주관 2017년도 ICT R&D 바우처 지원사업 수행중 (주관기관)
  o 과제명 : 완전시차 홀로그램 콘텐츠 제작 파이프라인 시스템 개발
  Undertook a governmental research project from Ministry of Science,   ICT and Future Planning
  o Subject : the development of a full parallax hologram contents   printing pipeline
   Jun. | 콘텐츠진흥원 주관 2016년 창업인력양성 연계 융합형 콘텐츠 R&D
  지원사업 수행
  o 과제명 : 360도 광시야각 시네-홀로그램 콘텐츠 제작기술 개발
  Undertook a governmental research project from Korea Creative   Content Agency
  o Subject : 360 degree wide-angle cine-hologram contents   manufacturing technology implementation
Jan. | 기술혁신형 중소기업(INNO-BIZ) 확인서 (중소기업청)
  Acquired INNO-BIZ certification
   Oct. | 군수품 상용화 및 수출지원 전시회(DUPEX KOREA 2015) 참가
  (3D 이미지 홀로그램 전시)
  Attended "Dupex Korea 2015"
Jun. | 산자부 주관 산업융합기술산업핵심기술개발사업(나노융합) 수  행
  o 과제명 : 풀-컬러 구현을 위한 표면 3D 나노구조체기반
  회절광학소자 실용화 플랫폼 기술개발
  Undertook a governmental research project from Ministry of Trade,   Industry and Energy
  o Subject : Development of the commercialization platform technology   for diffractive optical element   based on 3D surface nanostructure for   full-color implementation
   Nov. | Acquired Patent(App. No. 10-2013-0155792) ; display device for
  complex hologram
Aug. | Acquired 4 Patents
  Reg. No. 10-1429493 ; system to produce a holographic stereogram
  Reg. No. 10-1429495 ; method to produce a holographic stereogram
  Reg. No. 10-1429496 ; display device for cylindrical hologram
  Reg. No. 10-1429498 ; slit stage to produce a holographic stereogram
                       master hologram
May. | Acquired Patent(Reg. No. 10-1398064) ; measuring method of
  diffraction efficiency of hologram recording material
   Jul. | Installed “Large size Holographic System[1m X 1m]”
Jan. | Developed a "Hologram Film Automatic Developing & Bleaching
   Dec. | opened "Hologram Gallery"
Jun. | Undertook the governmental research project on 3D hologram from
  Ministry of Knowledge Economy & Ministry of Culture, Sports &
Feb. | Applied for Patent (No. 10-2012-0011273) ; manufacturing method of
  a hologram stamper
| Applied for Patent (No. 10-2012-0010300) ; a hologram replicator
| Applied for Patent (No. 10-2012-0010299) ; a display device for 3D
  stereoscopic image
   Nov. | Acquired Design Registration (No. 30-0619722, 2011-0004267)
Oct. | Head Office & R&D Center moved from Hwasung factory to Songpa-
Jun. | Undertook the governmental research project on 3D hologram from
  Small & Medium Business Administration
May. | Undertook the governmental research project on 3D hologram from
  Ministry of Knowledge Economy
   Jan. | Acquired the Certification of INNO-BIZ
   Dec. | Acquired the Certification for Corporate R&D Center
| Acquired Design Registration (No. 30-0545697, 2009-0042196)
Apr. | Founded Hwasung factory for hot stamping foil production
   Dec. | Launched Medical Item Import Business
| Launched "LED Lighting Products" Business
| Handed over "Webkinz" Business
Jul. | Acquired CE Certification for newly developed "3 Color/Size
  Changeable Spangle Embroidery Machine" & exported to
  an European country.
| Appointed as an enterprise consortium member of Chemical
   Material Infomation Bank.
   Oct. | Launched "webkinz" business
   Nov. | U$ 5 Million Export Award by the President
Jun. | Acquired CE Certification for 8 Textile Machines from
  TUV Rheinland
| Sister Company "Hangyo Brand & Trend" Established
   Jul. | Launched Food business
Apr. | Moved to Samseong Building
   Jun. | Modified Hompage
Apr. | Sister company "Qian Jin ZH Trading Co.,Ltd" in Beijing founded
| Export Gravure Coating Machine
Mar. | Sister company "Hangyo UK Ltd" in London founded
     | Develop Machinery Business
     | Homepage(www.hangyo97.co.kr) open
| Develop business relationship over 30 countries
   Dec. | Changed company hold from private to Ltd.
  | Develop business relationship over 20 countries
May. | Export Hot Stamping Machine
     | Develop Laminated Film & Colour coated/Metallized PET Film,
  Deco sheet & Design Foil
| Develop business relationship over 15 Countries
     | Export Polyester Film, Inkjet Film, Nylon Film & Hot Stamping Foil
   to 6 countries
Jun. | Moved to Seojin Building
     | Export PET bottle Flakes as a pioneer in Korea(Private company)
  | Import Holographic Stamping Foil
Jul. | (회사설립) Hangyo International Corp. founded